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This is quite a common question in our society because the problem of drinking under the influence (DUI) is equally common regardless of the fact that this is a serious offence resulting in serious consequences. Being convicted of DUI can impact your life in the ways that you may not even conscious of involving loss, restriction of employment, in particular, jobs where you work. More importantly you may impact on higher insurance rates, serious financial setbacks, personal and family embarrassment and having that conviction on your driving records for years apart from being fined or in some cases being a prisoner.

If you find yourself face DUI your first step be to hire the services of a DUI lawyer or attorney. They are finely trained, and they can lessen your penalty and fines. Usually, the DUI convicts are under the age of 21 they have a tendency of binge drink. Underage drinkers are more reckless and less likely to wear seat belts. Being a DUI convict, you could also face the suspension of driving license for a year or perhaps impoundment of transport. The driver of the vehicle would most likely have to attend drug education classes.

So what exactly should u do when u face a DUI? The answer is that you should pull over safely and on the right side and stop there. You should switch off the engine put your hands on the steering. You should stay in the car unless the officer asks you to step out. One should avoid any actions that suggest that you are hiding, destroying or disposing of something. Listen to what the office says and follow his instructions because he is in charge of the situation unless he asks you to drive off. Don’t volunteer information and don’t argue. Simply answer his questions. Nowadays many police cars have equipment that can deeply prove against you so don’t act strangely or furtively. If a police officer asks you about how much you drank, it’s better to remain silent because sometimes you underestimate the amount of your alcohol intake which can come back to haunt you in the trial. Think carefully about refusing the blood alcohol content (BAC) because in some states while accepting the license you give your consent to BAC and denying that have harsh consequences.

To avoid such circumstances, there are certain preventions that should be observed first of all is the careful attitude towards drinking especially towards driving while drunk. A person should totally avoid driving until it is very urgent and there is no other possible way. One should monitor its speed and should go slow and steady to avoid any mishap. You should not let adrenaline rush over your nerves and give in to the temptations of over speeding and so on. Because while travelling we not only have our life at stake but also of those around us. If by an unfortunate condition you get DUI you should use the proper channel and get your lawyers to help you and justify on your behalf in the court to save you some trouble.

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